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Faq's (Freqently Asked Questions)
Question: 1 : How long has HOPE been in business?
Answer : HOPE was incorporated in September 2012.
Question: 2 : Which states does HOPE do business in?
Answer : HOPE has the right to do business in all the states of India.
Question: 3 : What is my ID number and password?
Answer : All Students/Associates are assigned a HOPE ID and a Password when they register.
Question: 4 : What Payment Methods Does Hope Accept?
Answer : Demand Draft
  • We are accepting Demand Drafts
  • Kindly take the DD for the respective amount in favor of “Hope Entrepreneurs Pvt Ltd”. Payable at AHMEDABAD and mail it to our office along with the joining form. Bank Transfers
  • Students/Associates may deposit their money in any of our bank accounts through Net Banking or from our Payment Gateway which includes Debit-Credit-Cash Cards.
Question: 5 : Why is pan card required at registration?
Answer : This PAN Card information is required for Tax deduction at Source on the commission you get which will be paid to the Income tax department on your PAN.
Question: 6 : How long does it take to activate the students/associates?
Answer : Students/Associates are activated immediately after one have finished the registration with the HOPE ID and Password.
Question: 7 : My password and other details are disclosed during online registration, what should I do now?
Answer : It is your duty to change all the confidential information like password etc after taking all the information from sponsor. We will not be responsible for any mishappening in this regard.
Question: 8 : How can I get my lost password?
Answer : Kindly send us a written request to get your lost password. Please, include your ID, and mailing address with the request. Our IT department will send your password within two weeks.
Question: 9 : Can non-Indian citizens register as students/associates?
Answer : No, non-Indian citizens can not register as a STUDENTS/ASSOCIATES right now.
Question: 10 : Am I charged for the product delivery?
Answer : No.
Question: 11 : What is the maximum time for delivery?
Answer : HOPE Products are delivered quickly anywhere in India, by courier within 1 week (max.) subject to proper City address mentioned while registration where courier services are available.
Question: 12 : Do we get commission on registrations?
Answer : No commission is paid on registrations.
Question: 13 : I feel misguided by hope students/associates and want to get my money back? What should I do?
Answer : After taking all the information from any HOPE STUDENTS/ASSOCIATES it is your responsibility to confirm all details yourself by visiting our website We also request you to go through our Terms and Conditions and FAQs properly before becoming STUDENT/ASSOCIATE. It should be noted that Organization is not liable for any kind of false commitment/information provided by any STUDENTS/ASSOCIATES
Question: 14 : Do I need to renew my account every year?
Answer : No, you need not renew your account every year.
Question: 15 : What is the procedure of name change?
Answer : Deposit demand draft of 2750/- in Company Account and send an affidavit duly signed by the selling associate mentioning the reason for transfer and no objection.
Question: 16 : I have not submitted the photocopy of my pan card. Would I be eligible to receive my commission cheques/TDS certificate?
Answer : If you have not submitted a photocopy of your PAN card, then please send it as soon as possible. We will not issue any commission cheque / TDS certificate in absence of proof of your PAN card.
Question: 17 : How much time does it take to get my earned commission via neft?
Answer : The Commission will be transferred to your Account or by NEFT within 5 days from the day commission is shown. If the payout does not get transferred by that time, you are requested to send us the query at the Support with details of earned commission.
Question: 18 : What will happen if I found involved in anti-organization activities?
Answer : If any STUDENTS/ASSOCIATES is found not following our Legal’s or found to indulge in any anti-Organization activity in any manner or found disturbing the private or public business meeting, all the ongoing commissions from the Organization, will be denied to him/her with immediate effect and without any notice.
Question: 19 : In order to advertise hope business / services, do I need to seek any permission from the organization?
Answer : Before advertising you must send us the advertisement material for sanction. Severe action would be taken if we observe any bad advertisement (which breaks any law of the land or public policies) without permission of the Organization.
Question: 20 : Where are hope retail franchisees located in India?
Answer : Right now we don’t have any retail franchisee anywhere in India.
Question: 21 : When will hope open its franchisee in my area?
Answer : Company keeps the rights to open or not its franchisee in an area. The joining amount you pay is for the product (Education/Holiday Package/Discount Points) and not for retail. Company can open its retail stores wherever it has desired number of families willing to shop, depending upon location, and other factors. Company cannot be held liable to open its retail store in an area in any circumstances. Anyone can take HOPE retail franchisee from the day he/she begins, after fulfillment of Company’s conditions. HOPE is not liable to open franchisee, however it may open franchisee in areas where they have desired customer database, depending upon type of area